Kem Divan

In the context of the Shrine, the Divan is the “board of directors” or “executive council” of the organization, and serves as the management team for both fraternal and business activities of the Temple. Each Shrine Temple has its own Divan, and the minimum number of Divan members is set by Imperial by-laws at five, with each of these being elected by the Nobility (membership). Therefore, all Shrine Temples have at least five members on the Divan.

2023 Divan Members

Illustrious Potentate: Ted Anderson, Lady Darlene
Chief Rabban: Steve Renslow, Lady Kim
Assistant Rabban: Tor Bergstrom, Lady Karen
High Priest and Prophet: Geoff Bengtson, Lady Michelle
Oriental Guide: Terry Jenson, Jr., Lady Faithe
Treasurer: Steve Adams, Lady Mary
Recorder: Dale Duchsherer, PP, Lady Deb
1st Ceremonial Master: Joey Bjornson, Lady Jodi
2nd Ceremonial Master: Bob Prondzinski
Marshal: Darrel Schmitz
Captain of the Guard: Kendrich Krabseth, Lady Caylee
Outer Guard: John Votava, Lady Kim
Director: Ken Huhta
Chief of Staff: Ryan Scott
Chaplain: Phil Landis PP
Housing: Steve Renslow, Joey Bjornson
Hospital Chairmen: Randy Shear, Bruce Krabseth, PP

2023 Potentate Aides

Darren Renfrow
Landon Stromberg
Scott Schultz
Zak Bergstom
Cliff Adams
Skyler Aslakson
Brad Domier

Masonic Relations

Lowell Domier PGM, PP
Lon Kvasager PGM
Mike Bakken PGM

Donor Relations

Tony Telken, PGM